Executive Summary

This report presents data collected from 30 comprehensive assessments conducted in Canadian organizations involved in developing products or providing services drawing on Software Engineering and Information Technology. The size of the assessed organizations ranged from 10 professionals to 250, with an average of 75.

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  X:PRIME Methodology Description


Download this file to learn more about the X:PRIME methodology. It will provide you with a good overview of what the methodology can achieve.
As a project manager, use the X:PRIME methodology to manage operational risks in your project.

As an executive manager, use the methodology to assess the operational risks of your entire organization, in order to secure financing and to satisfy your customers' risk management requirements.
As a procurement manager, apply the methodology to carry out audits and management reviews of your suppliers.
And if you are an investor, the methodology will tell you how much risk you are incurring when you invest in a company.

With the inclusion of relevant models developed with the help of the Model Editor module of the X:PRIME Resolver solution, operational risk assessment methods can be derived from the X:PRIME methodology  for various domains.

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